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Owner/operator has over 40 years local experience installing and repairing shallow wells and pumps in Pinellas County, If your shallow well is weak or pulsating you might have a suction leak or clogged well points, if your shallow well loses prime you could have a bad check valve or a leak below it,  we check for leaks and repair them or give you an estimate for new well points to supply adequate pressure for your lawn sprinkling system to operate properly.     

   If your pump is leaking, making excessive noise or just not strong enough to produce adequate pressure for your lawn sprinkling system we will repair or replace it making sure you get the water flow needed for the proper pressure to provide 100% coverage of your lawn and landscaping. 
   When we install shallow wells we always install drop pipes in every point, test each point and maintain at least 10' spacing between (each) point, when tied together we flush all points with our pump before connecting them to customers pump, then after connecting to customers pump we test all zones and heads for leaks and make repairs and/or adjustments if needed for the increased pressure from your new wells.

    Our Truck is fully equipped, stocked and organized with all tools & materials necessary for the Quality work we perform each and everyday.
    Organization saves us time and you money!

    In our Business the feeling we get when we drill a well and are able to draw cool clean water from the ground to provide water to irrigate with knowing it will save the customer money and help beautify their lawn and landscaping is a awesome feeling and makes us anxious for our next well job.

  If you are using City or County water to irrigate your yard we could save you money, well water is free and better for your lawn and landscaping because it has more nutrients without the chlorine and other additives that domestic water has.

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Recent Shallow Well installation Video #1 in Clearwater

After installing  shallow well points we adjust and flush each point to ensure adequate water flow and best quality available then we connect them as in  video #2

Flushing out 5 new well points Video #2

After connecting all installed well points together we flush them all out with our pump before installing customers check valve and new or existing pump

Clearwater well job completion Video #3

In this Video you will see the completion of a 1HP Goulds Jet pump and 5 well package yard clean up and ready (notice how dry and sparse the grass is in the video I can assure you it is not like that now !!!